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My most recent quilt

Quilt Feb 2015-18This beautiful quilt was made for two little boys. Their Father died last Summer.
He was a great lover of designer shirts, and I found that making a quilt from them an absolute joy.
When put together the pinwheel’s predominant colour was blue, so I backed it with a pale marroon shirting fabric.
Then when the ‘frame’ was made at the front, I edged it with a corresponding blue and grey stripe.

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IMG_7202These quilts are examples of design choices for clients. The one is using triangles and the other is using octagons. I have not used buttons on either of them. Instead I have actually quilted them in 4 inch squares of running stitch. This has the advantage of being a much smoother quilt. The disadvantage is that I can’t use the shirt buttons.

Quilting in Leamington Spa

quilt london radioI thought I’d show you a few of the things I’ve been working on recently. I’ve made several quilts for clients, friends and family members this year. This is a photo that was taken for an interview about a memorial quilt that was done for BBC Radio London. This memorial quilt was made using material and buttons from shirts. Other people have other items that they would like remodeling into a quilt.