Monthly Archive for December, 2015

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This is a new idea for my quilts.
Up till now, I have been making memorial quilts for lots of different people.
These include for husbands, wives, sisters, babies, friends and children.
The image above is a celebratory/welcome quilt.
It was commissioned by a Grandmother to welcome her adopted Granddaughter into her extended family.
It has, within the pinwheels, 27 different articles of clothing from 27 members of the family.
Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc.
On the back I have put a small swatch of each fabric with a space next to it.These are to be filled in at a later date by all the contributing members of the family, so that there is a log for future reference.
The Granddaughter was only adopted in July 2015.