Memorial Quilts

memorial quilts for bereaved people


When someone dies we are left with their memories.  Often those memories are flavoured by the clothes they wore and the colours they loved. I design and make memorial quilts for bereaved people.

Creating memorial quilts from the fabric of those well remembered clothes, these works of art have given endless solace to grieving people who have lost a loved one.  

When you are ready, click on the contact page and we can create something that holds tangible memories …for you to treasure.

If you believe that one of my quilts (pieces) could be right for you or a loved one then please e-mail or telephone me.  I cannot proceed without a consultation as these works of art are tailored to the client.

I can use far more than 10 articles of clothing – and they do not need to be shirts – but the fabrics do need to be relatively fine, so thick jerseys, towling etc are inappropriate.

A 4’x 5′ quilt takes between 28 and 35 hours to make and has over 100 buttons sewn on it to enhance the whole.